About Cars

What’s with men and their cars?

Cars and men have an unending love affair. Chances are it is your father, your boyfriend, or your brother who talks about cars 24/7. The list can go on with men obsessed with their cars. 

Sometimes it’s fun to look at, but sometimes it can also be confusing. Allow us to let you into the reasons why men love their cars. So next time you don’t have to wonder again. 

Cars Make Men 

How in the world can a car make a man? Well, there is something about a car that is powerful. Men associate themselves with that power. Cars make them more manly when they can drive and take control of the wheel and steer it wherever they desire. There is something about power that is associated with being a man. 

A Car is a Fortress

Forget about the man cave. A car can do the same. Men can stay in their car and do so many things. They can relax, find comfort, and enjoy just being in their car. A car provides them a sense of home and belonging. A car never will complain and unendingly accepts. 

Car as a Status Symbol

Men love cars because a car can define them. The more expensive and powerful a man’s car is, the wealthier and influential he is. Regardless of what we say, people will always associate the car you drive to your status in life. Not everyone can have access to a car. So if you drive a Ferrari or a Benz, that says a lot about you. 

Men will always love cars. There is a sweet and special spot in every man’s heart that only a car can fill. Not all cars are expensive, and just the same, men fall in love with them. To many men, a car is an extension of their being. He takes care of it and he will never leave it behind. 

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